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Dexin · Suiyu is a real estate asset management enterprise mainly engaged in long-term apartment rental through resource integration of online and offline platforms by using mobile Internet information technology. Ø DE letter, along with the combine with the "young dreamer, the young dreamer" the enterprise idea, the bend force make the "youth community" with ", relying on the whole industry chain's group resources, provide property asset management services to all our clients at the same time, to rent a house gens built residential, entertainment, work in the integration of multi-dimensional living space, To create a community culture of "freedom, independence, care, sharing and participation". With combine also successively won the top ten brand apartment, long rent apartment innovative brand, outstanding influence long apartment brand, hangzhou rent the apartment "creativity" brand, year outstanding enterprises, the annual rent the apartment native brand strength, annual honorary titles such as apartment brand influence, among them, with combine Qiao Siyun village community, more have the honor to be elected to the national sample case.